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[2020-05-01] Info. has moved to on the VM of ITS more.

このサイトはDeleGateの利用者向け支援サイトです。 DeleGateは 産業技術総合研究所 (産総研)で開発された ソフトウェアですが、 このサイトは産総研から 全く独立に、 個人によりその自由意思で運用され、 DeleGateの再配布とサポート情報の提供 を行っています。 産総研で運用されている公式サイトのコンテンツの一部を ミラーしている他、 独自のコンテンツとして、 フォーラムにおけるボランティアベースの利用者支援、 ガイドのための補完文書、 いくつかの実験的サービスやデモ を提供します。
オリジナルのコンテンツ(全配布ファイル、文書の原本、ライセンス情報、など) は 公式サイト のほうで閲覧・取得してください。

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Latest Topics of DeleGate
2014-10-01 The official site of DeleGate has been open
The official site of DeleGate hosted by AIST has opened
2014-09-28 DeleGate/9.9.12 -- new stable version
Fixed access control for reverse proxy and MIME header conversion.
2014-08-13 DeleGate/9.9.11 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP origin server are recommended to move to this version.
2014-07-21 DeleGate/9.9.10 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP proxy chained to upstream proxies are strongly recommended to move to this version.
2014-06-16 DeleGate/9.9.9 -- new stable version
Users of DeleGate as a HTTP proxy are strongly recommended to move to this version.
2014-06-09 DeleGate/9.9.9-pre2 -- support for OpenSSL-1.X
A beta release to fix and extend basic functionalities including linking with OpenSSL-1.X.
2014-06-02 Don't be super-user unless it is really necessary.
Being a super-user is dangerous, DeleGate has a device to avoid it.
2014-05-22 How to reply to an article in the DeleGate forum
A guide for you to send a feedback message to the forum (to be shared among users and the developer of DeleGate) ...
2014-05-18 DeleGate/9.9.9-pre1 -- smoother SSLtunnel
Try this version if you are using DeleGate as a HTTPS proxy. Older versions suffer from frequent SSL disconnections that makes it almost unusable.
2014-05-12 DeleGate/9.9.8 -- new STABLE version
Move to this version especially if you are using DeleGate as a FTP proxy, or a HTTP proxy, or using it on Windows.

Yutaka Sato @ DeleGate.ORG

*  バージョン9の9年あまり 
flrg9.jpg DeleGate 9 -- maintenance version --
Version History of DeleGate version 9
2014-09 9.9.12 [STABLE] fixes for REJECT, MIME, SSI, yysh/Win
2014-08 9.9.11 [STABLE] fixes for HTTP reverse proxy and origin server
2014-07 9.9.10 [STABLE] revival of yysh, HTTP proxy chaining
2014-06 9.9.9 [STABLE] smooth SSLtunnel, with OpenSSL-1.X
2014-05 9.9.8 [STABLE] FTPxHTTP, DYCONF, FTP Bounce
2010-03 9.9.7 [STABLE] yysh, yyMUX, X proxy, easy proxy for MS-Windows
2009-11 9.9.6 [STABLE] building without C++
2009-09 9.9.5 [STABLE] portability fixes, fast HTTP proxy (SERVER=http-sp)
2009-07 9.9.4 [STABLE] fixes for freezing in SSL and gzip
2009-05 9.9.3 [STABLE] fixes and HTTP Connection Cache
2009-03 9.9.2 [STABLE] fixes
2009-01 9.9.1 [STABLE] fixes and M17N extension
2008-11 9.9.0 [STABLE] stable version with CAPSKEY and HTMUX
2008-10 9.8.6 restriction (MITM, VSAP) and fixes (SSL, CFI, HTTP cache)
2008-07 9.8.2 name based reverse proxy and NAT based transparent proxy
2008-02 9.8.2 porting to Windows Mobile/CE, SSH/Telnet gateway
2007-11 9.8.1 minor fixes and mail routing to MX
2007-10 9.8.0 clustering of origin/proxy servers, SSL Server Name Indication
2007-11 9.7.7 [STABLE] 2007/11/12 stable version
2007-06 9.6.2 thread based fast SSL gateway and smooth gzip/HTTP encoding
2007-02 9.4.4 MOUNT for XML in request body (reverse proxy for SOAP)
2007-02 9.4.3 fixed routing UDP and FTP over SOCKS, forwarding with auth.
2007-01 9.4.2 writing your own auth command, JIS char mapping and conversion
2006-12 9.4.1 SocksTap: transparent proxy of HTTP/FTP/NNTP/... over SOCKS
2006-12 9.4.0 authentication and capability control implanted in the executable file
2006-12 9.3.2 [STABLE] 2006/12/21
2006-09 9.2.4 Five times lighter MITM, multiplexed SOCKS, SOCKS over SSL
2006-07 9.2.3 syslog support, times faster CFI on Win, Man-In-The-Middle mode
2006-06 9.2.2 enabled huge files over 4GB in FTP and HTTP (demo)
2006-05 9.2.0 Cookie encryption and filtering, Access counter and statistics (demo)
2006-03 9.1.1 [STABLE] 2006/03/29
2006-03 9.0.6 anonymizing NNTP articles, tracking SPAMmers, routing DNS
2005-12 9.0.5 'visual DeleGate' for remote administration and configuration (demo)
2005-08 9.0.4 gateway for sftp/SSH to FTP and HTTP
2005-07 9.0.3 non-SSL (ex. Skype) blocker in SSL-tunnel, encrypted configuration
2005-05 9.0.1 Ten Times Lighter SSL (demo) and other Improved SSL Support
2005-04 9.0.0 IPv6 Support

最後のプレゼン資料 (2009)

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