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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / dgauth

DGAuth: -dgauth[.realm][{user:pass,...}]
Authentication scheme based on digested password, specific to each application protocol, is enabled with "AUTHORIZER=-dgauth". This kind of authentication scheme, at least APOP proxy or HTTP Digest/Basic gateway does, requires the original cleartext of password. A simple way to do so is giving directly a list of pairs of username and password as -dgauth{user1:pass1,user2:pass2,...}. Another way is storing passwords by DeleGate with "-Fauth -a username:password -dgauth". Since passwords for -dgauth is stored in encrypted form, a keyword is required for the encryption. Specify the keyword as CRYPT=pass:keyword or answer it interactively afterwards. Otherwise, DGAuth can be delegated to a remote DGAuth server. DGAuth generates a session identifier which is retained identically during the session started by an authentication, then passed to CFI/CGI programs in environment variable "X_DIGEST_SESSION" and can be logged into PROTOLOG.