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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9

The Reference Manual of DeleGate version 9.9 (+10.X)

Copyright (c) 1994-2000 Yutaka Sato <ysato AT> <y DOT sato AT>
Copyright (c) 1994-2000 Electrotechnical Laboratory (
Copyright (c) 2001-2014 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
AIST-Product-ID: 2000-ETL-198715-01, H14PRO-049, H15PRO-165, H18PRO-443

Permission to use this material for evaluation, copy this material for your own use, and distribute the copies via publicly accessible on-line media, without fee, is hereby granted provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies. AIST makes no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this material for any purpose. it is provided "as is", without any express or implied warranties.

This document is written based on the latest version of DeleGate version 9.X, and partially on version 10.X. Comments about this document are expected to be directed to to be open and shared at Watch DeleGate Home Page at to see the latest status. Beginners are recommended to read a short tutorial at also. A collection of usage examples at might be helpful to see what you can do with DeleGate. A list of related documents is at

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--------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
DELEGATED(8)                MAINTENANCE COMMANDS                   DELEGATED(8)



    delegated - DeleGate server




 -P option
   -P option  --  entrance port(s) to the DeleGate
              ==  -Pport[,port]*
        port  ==  [host:]portNum[/udp][/admin][/protocolName]
     portNum  ==  number[-number]

 -Q option
   -Q option* --  entrance port to the DeleGate
              ==  -Qport
    -Q option can be used to specify multiple entrance ports separately in multiple options. For example, a set of of options "-Q21 -Q80 -Q1080" is equivalent to a single option "-P21,80,1080".

 -f option
   -f option  --  foreground execution
              ==  -f[v]

 -r option
   -r option  --  restart

 -v option
   -v option  --  logging level control
              ==  -v[vdtsau]

 -d option
   -d option  --  debugging of sub components
              ==  -d[hst]

 -D option
   -D option  --  disabling sub components
              ==  -D[t]

 -S option
   -S option  --  watch SIGCHLD signal

 -T option
   -T option  --  trace system calls
              ==  -T[xsdt]*

 -F option
   -F option  --  extra function
              ==  -Ffunction

 -- option
   -- option  --  hiding command line arguments
    If specified, command line arguments before "--" are left visible to ps(1) command (with pstat(2) system call) on most of Unix systems. Without this, any arguments are hidden by default.

 Parameter option
   parameter  ==  name=value

 Conditional Parameter
   conditional parameter == (condition)parameter

 -e option
   -e option  ==  -ename=value

 Parameters Category




    Parameters in this category are used to control common attributes of DeleGate independently of the purpose of usage or target application protocol.

    name value format functionality
    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    SERVER proto://host:port client-side protocol and default server
    ADMIN user@host.domain E-mail addr. of the admin. of this DeleGate
    + OWNER user[/group] with who's access right this DeleGate runs
    * CRON crontab-spec cron compatible scheduler of actions
    * INETD inetd-conf inetd like server configuration notation
    * HOSTLIST name:hostList define a named HostList
    * CLUSTER protocol:hostList define a cluster of servers
    * CMAP map-spec mapping table about the current connection
    + DYLIB patternList file-name patterns of dynamic libraries
    + LDPATH dir;dir;... search path for DYLIB
    LIBPATH dir:dir:... search path for library files
    DATAPATH dir:dir:... search path for data files
    DGPATH dir:dir:... search path for SUBSTITUTION resources
    * DYCONF conditions:path dynamic configuration based on request
    DGCONF dir/file the file of configuration parameters
    DGOPTS option;option;... list of command line options
    PORT portList reserve entrance ports like -P option



 Access control

Access control

 Resource usage restriction

Resource usage restriction

    These parameters can be useful where available resources are in severe condition; when the host of DeleGate is heavy loaded, network bandwidth is narrow, or response from server can be slow.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * MAXIMA what:number maxima of parallel sessions and etc.
    * TIMEOUT what:seconds timeout of connection and etc.
    * DELAY what:seconds delay for penalty
    * CHOKE Delay:Clnt:UA:Ref choking robots

 Cache control

Cache control



 Data conversion

Data conversion

    Parameters to control built-in converter for text type data.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * CHARCODE JIS|EUC|SJIS|UTF8 character conversion for Japanese text
    * CHARMAP [jis|ucs]:a-z/A-Z map character to character in text data
    HTMLCONV deent|enent|pre decode/encode between HTML & plain text
    MIMECONV thru|charcode control MIME encoder/decoder

 Filter control

Filter control

    Insert a filter program on the way to/from client or server to convert data transmitted between them.

    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    FCL filterCommand filter between client and DeleGate
    FTOCL filterCommand filter from DeleGate to client
    FFROMCL filterCommand filter from client to DeleGate
    FSV filterCommand filter between server and DeleGate
    FTOSV filterCommand filter from DeleGate to server
    FFROMSV filterCommand filter from server to DeleGate
    FMD filterCommand filter between MASTER and this DeleGate
    FTOMD filterCommand filter from this DeleGate to MASTER
    FFROMMD filterCommand filter from MASTER to this DeleGate
    XCOM filterCommand execute a command as a server
    XFIL filterCommand execute a filter as a server

 Local file usage

Local file usage


 Host name resolution

Host name resolution

 Protocol specific
Protocol specific
    -- ---------- ------------------ ----------------------------------
    * HTTPCONF what:conf HTTP specific configuration
    FILETYPE suffix:fileType mapping from filename to data type & etc.
    CGIENV name,name,... environment variables to be passed to CGI
    * ICPCONF icpServerConfig configuration as an ICP server
    * FTPCONF what[:conf] FTP specific configuration
    * NNTPCONF what:conf NNTP specific configuration
    * SMTPCONF what:conf SMTP specific configuration
    SMTPGATE dirPath SMTP to SMTP/NNTP g.w. configuration
    * DNSCONF what:conf configuration as a DNS server
    * SOCKSTAP proto[:[dst][:src]] interpret the protocol over SOCKS


SERVER parameter*   ==  SERVER=protocol[://host[:portNum]][:-:MountOptions]
           portNum  ==  [+|-]number
                    --  default: SERVER=delegate

ADMIN parameter     ==  ADMIN=user@host.domain
                    --  default: built in at compile time

OWNER parameter*    ==  OWNER=user[/group][:srcHostList]
                    --  default: OWNER="nobody/nogroup"
                    --  restriction: super-user only on most of Unix
                    --  restriction: setting the user of a service on Windows

CRON parameter*     ==  CRON="crontab-spec"
       crontab-spec ==  minute hour day month dayOfWeek action
                    --  default: none

INETD parameter*    ==  INETD="inetd-conf"
        inetd-conf  ==  port sockType proto waitStat uid execPath argList
              port  ==  [host:]portNum
          sockType  ==  stream | dgram
             proto  ==  tcp | udp
          waitStat  ==  nowait ("wait" is not yet supported)
                    --  default: none

HOSTLIST parameter* ==  HOSTLIST=listName:HostList

CLUSTER parameter*  ==  CLUSTER=[protoList]:ServerList
        ServerList  ==  [/R,]Server[,ServerList]
            Server  ==  Host[..Port]


 Connection map
CMAP parameter*     ==  CMAP=resultStr:mapName:connMap
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none

TLSCONF parameter*  ==  TLSCONF=tlsConf[,tlsConf]*
           tlsConf  ==  what:value
                    --  default: TLSCONF=scache:do,xcache:do

 TLS negotiation control
STLS parameter*     ==  STLS=stlsSpecs[,sslwayCom][:connMap]
         stlsSpecs  ==  [-]stlsSpec[/im][/ssl][,stlsSpecs]
          stlsSpec  ==  fsv | fcl | mitm | imimSec
         sslwayCom  ==  {sslway [-Vrfy] [-CApath dir] ...}
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, SOCKS
                    --  required: SSLway

 certificates repository
CERTDIR parameter   ==  CERTDIR=dir
                    --  default: ${ETCDIR}/certs
                    --  version: DeleGate/9.8.0 + OpenSSL0.9.8g or laters

DGCONF parameter    ==  DGCONF=dir/file
                    --  default: DGCONF='${EXECDIR}/${EXECNAME}.conf'

DYCONF parameter*   ==  DYCONF=[conditions]parameters
        parameters  ==  file:path | cgi:path | arg:{listOfParameters}
                    --  default: none

DYLIB parameter     ==  DYLIB=libfilePattern[,libfilePattern]*
                    --  default: DYLIB='dglib*.so,lib*.so,dglib*.dylib,lib*.dylib'

LDPATH parameter    ==  LDPATH=dirPath[;dirPath]*
                    --  default: LDPATH='${LIBDIR};${EXECDIR};${HOME}/lib;/usr/lib;/lib'




LIBPATH parameter   ==  LIBPATH=dirPath[:dirPath]*
                    --  default: LIBPATH='.:${STARTDIR}:${LIBDIR}:${EXECDIR}:${ETCDIR}'

DATAPATH parameter  ==  DATAPATH=dirPath[:dirPath]*
                    --  default: DATAPATH='.:${DGROOT}:${STARTDIR}

DGPATH parameter    ==  DGPATH=dirPath[:dirPath]*
                    --  default: DGPATH='+:.:${HOME}/delegate:${EXECDIR}:${ETCDIR}'

DGSIGN parameter    ==  DGSIGN=signatureSpec
                    --  default: DGSIGN="V.R.P/Y.M.D"

DGOPTS parameter    ==  DGOPTS=opt[,opt]*
                    --  default: none

SOCKOPT parameter*  ==  SOCKOPT=[no]name[:value]
                    --  default: reuse

PORT parameter      ==  PORT=port[,port]*
              port  ==  [host:]portNum[/udp]
           portNum  ==  number[-number]
                    --  default: none

FORWARD parameter*  ==  FORWARD=gatewayURL[-_-connMap]
        gatewayURL  ==  gwproto://[user:pass@]gwhost[:gwport]
           connMap  ==  protoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none

ROUTE parameter*    ==  ROUTE=proto://host:port/-_-dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none

MASTER parameter*   ==  MASTER=host:port[/masterControl][:dstHostList]
                    --  default: none

MASTERP parameter   ==  MASTERP=[host:port]
                    --  default: none

RPORT parameter     ==  RPORT={tcp|udp}[:host]
                    --  default: none

PROXY parameter*    ==  PROXY=host:port[:dstHostList]
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to HTTP, FTP, Telnet


SOCKS parameter*    ==  SOCKS=host[:[port][/socksOpt][:dstHostList[:srcHostList]]]
          socksOpt  ==  [ -4 | -r ]*
                    --  default: none

SSLTUNNEL parameter ==  SSLTUNNEL=host:port
                    --  default: none

VSAP parameter      ==  VSAP=host:port
                    --  default: none

YYMUX parameter*    ==  YYMUX=host[:port][:connMap]
           connMap  ==  ProtoList[:dstHostList[:srcHostList]]
                    --  default: none

YYCONF parameter*   ==  YYCONF=name[:value]
                    --  default: none

CONNECT parameter*  ==  CONNECT=connSeq[:connMap]
           connSeq  ==  connType[,connType]*
          connType  ==  cache|icp|proxy|master|https|vsap|direct|socks|udp
           connMap  ==  ProtoList[:dstHostList[:srcHostList]]
                    --  default: CONNECT="c,i,m,h,y,v,s,d:*:*:*"

SRCIF parameter*    ==  SRCIF=host[:[port][:connMap]]
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: SRCIF="*:*:*:*:*"


TUNNEL parameter    ==  TUNNEL=tunnelType:script
        tunnelType  ==  tty7
                    --  default: none

PERMIT parameter*   ==  PERMIT=connMap
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none

REJECT parameter*   ==  REJECT=connMap
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none

REMITTABLE parameter == REMITTABLE=ProtoList
                    --  default: REMITTABLE="*" for generalist
                    --  default: REMITTABLE="." for specialist

REACHABLE parameter* ==  REACHABLE=dstHostList
                    --  default: REACHABLE="*" (any host is reachable)

RELIABLE parameter* ==  RELIABLE=srcHostList
                    --  default: RELIABLE=".localnet"

RELAY parameter*    ==  RELAY=relayTypeList[:connMap]
     relayTypeList  ==  relayType[,relayType]*
         relayType  ==  proxy | delegate | vhost | no | nojava | noapplet
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: RELAY="delegate,nojava:*:*:.localnet"

SCREEN parameter ==  SCREEN={reject|accept}
                    --  default: none

AUTH parameter*     ==  AUTH=what:authProto:who
                    --  default: none

AUTHORIZER parameter* ==  AUTHORIZER=authServList[@realmValue][:connMap]
       authServList  ==  [authForw,]authServ[,authServ]* | & | *
           authForw  ==  -map{inPat}{localPat}{fwdPat} | -strip | -fwd
           authServ  ==  authHost[/portNum][(reprUser)]
           authHost  ==  hostName | hostAddr
         realmValue  ==  word | {words separated with space}
            connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to Telnet, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, IMAP,
                                     Socks, SockMux, and HTTP

MYAUTH parameter*   ==  MYAUTH=username:password[:connMap]
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to Socks, VSAP, SMTP, and HTTP

RIDENT parameter    ==  RIDENT=ridentType[,ridentType]*
       ridentType   ==  client | server
                    --  default: none

MAXIMA parameter*   ==  MAXIMA=what:number,...
                    --  default: MAXIMA=listen:20,ftpcc:2,...

TIMEOUT parameter*  ==  TIMEOUT=what:seconds,...
                    --  default: TIMEOUT=dns:10,acc:10,con:10,lin:30,...

DELAY parameter*    ==  DELAY=what:seconds
                    --  default: DELAY=reject:60,unknown:60,...

CHOKE parameter*    ==  CHOKE=Choking:Client:Ua:Referer:Url:Server:Protocol
                    --  default: none

MOUNT parameter*    ==  MOUNT="vURL rURL [MountOptions]"
                    --  default: MOUNT="/* SERVER_URL*"

MountOptions == option[,option]*

URICONV parameter*  ==  URICONV={convSpec|defElem|defAttr}
          convSpec  ==  convList:attrList
           defElem  ==  defelem:+,elemnameList
           defAttr  ==  defattr:+,attrnameList
                    --  default: it will be shown by URICONV=dump

BASEURL parameter   ==  BASEURL=URL
                    --  default: none

DELEGATE parameter  ==  DELEGATE=gwHost:Port[:ProtoList]
                    --  default: DELEGATE=currentHost:currentPort

COUNTER parameter   ==  COUNTER=listOfCounterControl
    counterControl  ==  do | total | acc | ssi | ref | err | ro | no | mntpV
                    --  default: COUNTER=no
                    --  restriction: applicable to HTTP, SMTP, FTP and DNS

COUNTERDIR parameter  ==  COUNTERDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: COUNTERDIR='${ADMDIR}/counts[date+/year%y/week%W]'

CACHE parameter*    ==  CACHE=cacheControl[,cacheControl]*[:connMap]
      cacheControl  ==  do | no | ro
           connMap  ==  ProtoList[:[dstHostList][:srcHostList]]
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to HTTP, FTP, NNTP and Gopher

EXPIRE parameter*   ==  EXPIRE=validity[/custody][:connMap]
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
          validity  ==  period
           custody  ==  period
            period  ==  Num[d|h|m|s]
                    --  default: EXPIRE=1h

CACHEFILE parameter ==  CACHEFILE=fileNameSpec
                    --  default: CACHEFILE='$[server:%P/%L/%p]'

ICP parameter*      ==  ICP=icpServerList[:icpServerSpec[:connMap]]
     icpServerList  ==  icpServer[,icpServer]*
         icpServer  ==  icpHost[/icpType/proxyPort/icpPort]
     icpServerSpec  ==  icpOptions:proxyPort:icpPort
           connMap  ==  ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: none
                    --  restriction: applicable to {HTTP,FTP}-DeleGate

CHARCODE parameter* ==  CHARCODE=[inputCode/]outputCode[:[tosv][:connMap]]
        outputCode  ==  charCode
          charCode  ==  iso-2022-jp | euc-jp | shift_jis | utf-8 | us-ascii |
                               JIS | EUC | SJIS | UTF8 | ASCII | guess
           connMap  ==  [ProtoList][:[dstHostList][:[srcHostList]]]
                    --  restriction: applicable to HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP,
                                     NNTP, Telnet, Tcprelay
                    --  default: none

CHARMAP parameter*  ==  CHARMAP=mapType:charMap[,charMap]*[:tosv]
           mapType  ==  ascii | ucs | jis | ucsjis | jisucs
           charMap  ==  inCharCode1[-inCharCode2]/outCharCode2[-[outCharCode2]]
          charCode  ==  hexa-decimal code | single ASCII character
                    --  default: none

HTMLCONV parameter  ==  HTMLCONV=convList
          convList  ==  conv[,conv]*
              conv  ==  deent | enent | fullurl
                    --  default: HTMLCONV=deent

MIMECONV parameter  ==  MIMECONV=mimeConv[,mimeConv]
          mimeConv  ==  thru | charcode | nospenc
                                    | textonly | alt:first | alt:plain
                    --  default: none
                    --  MIMECONV="" if CHARCODE parameter is given










FCL parameter       ==  FCL=filterCommand
FTOCL parameter     ==  FTOCL=filterCommand
FFROMCL parameter   ==  FFROMCL=filterCommand
FSV parameter       ==  FSV=filterCommand
FTOSV parameter     ==  FTOSV=filterCommand
FFROMSV parameter   ==  FFROMSV=filterCommand
FMD parameter       ==  FMD=filterCommand
FTOMD parameter     ==  FTOMD=filterCommand
FFROMMD parameter   ==  FFROMMD=filterCommand
filterCommand       ==  [-s,][-p,][-w,]command
                    --  default: none


XCOM parameter      ==  XCOM=filterCommand
XFIL parameter      ==  XFIL=filterCommand
                    --  default: none

CHROOT parameter    ==  CHROOT=dirPath
                    --  default:  none
                    --  restriction: super-user only on most of Unix

DGROOT parameter    ==  DGROOT=dirPath
                    --  default: if ${STARTDIR}/DGROOT exists then use it, or
                                  on Unix: '/' if CHROOT is set or
                                           '${HOME}/delegate' or
                                           '/var/spool/delegate-${OWNER}' or
                               on Windows: '/Program Files/DeleGate'

SHARE parameter     ==  SHARE=dirPatternList
                    --  default: empty

UMASK parameter     ==  UMASK=mask
                    --  default: the value of umask(2)

VARDIR parameter    ==  VARDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: VARDIR='${DGROOT?&:/var/spool/delegate}'

CACHEDIR parameter  ==  CACHEDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: CACHEDIR='${VARDIR}/cache'

ETCDIR parameter    ==  ETCDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: ETCDIR='${VARDIR}/etc'

ADMDIR parameter    ==  ADMDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: ADMDIR='${VARDIR}/adm'

LOGDIR parameter    ==  LOGDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: LOGDIR='${VARDIR}/log'
                    --  v10-default: LOGDIR='log[date+/y%y/m%m/%d]'




LOGFILE parameter   ==  LOGFILE=[LogFilename]
PROTOLOG parameter  ==  PROTOLOG=[LogFilename][:logFormat]
ERRORLOG parameter  ==  ERRORLOG=LogFilename
TRACELOG parameter  ==  TRACELOG=LogFilename
                    --  default: LOGFILE='${LOGDIR}/${PORT}'
                    --  default: PROTOLOG='${LOGDIR}/${PORT}.${PROTO}'
                    --  default: ERRORLOG='${LOGDIR}/errors.log'
                    --  default: TRACELOG='${LOGDIR}/ptrace.log'

SYSLOG parameter*   ==  SYSLOG=[syslogOpts,][syslogServ]
        syslogOpts  ==  syslogOpt[,syslogOpts]
         syslogOpt  ==  -vt | -vs | -vS | -vH | -fname
                    --  default: none

 LogFilename and Aging

LogFilename and dirPath Substitution for Aging

EXPIRELOG parameter ==  EXPIRELOG=LogFilename
                    --  default: EXPIRELOG='${LOGDIR}/expire.log'




WORKDIR parameter   ==  WORKDIR=dirPath
                    --  default: WORKDIR='${VARDIR}/work/${PORT}'
ACTDIR parameter    ==  ACTDIR=dirPath
TMPDIR parameter    ==  TMPDIR=dirPath
PIDFILE parameter   ==  PIDFILE=fileName
                    --  default: ACTDIR='${DGROOT}/act'
                    --  default: TMPDIR=system dependent
                    --  default: PIDFILE='${ACTDIR}/pid/${PORT}'

HOSTS parameter*    ==  HOSTS=nameList[/addrList]
          nameList  ==  name | {name[,name]*}
          addrList  ==  addr | {addr[,addr]*}
                    --  default: HOSTS=localhost/

RESOLV parameter    ==  RESOLV=[resolver[,resolver]*]
          resolver  ==  resType[:[resParam][:[queryHostList][:clientHostList]]]
           resType  ==  cache | file | nis | dns | sys
                    --  default: RESOLV=cache,file,nis,dns,sys

RES_WAIT parameter  ==  RES_WAIT=seconds:hostname
                    --  default: RES_WAIT="10:WWW.DeleGate.ORG"

RES_CONF parameter  ==  RES_CONF=URL
                    --  default: RES_CONF="file:/etc/resolv.conf"
                        or from registry (on Windows)

RES_NS parameter    ==  RES_NS=nsList
            nsList  ==  dnsServ[,nsList]
           dnsServ  ==  dnsServer[//socksV5Host] | END.
                    --  default: depend on RES_CONF

RES_AF parameter    ==  RES_AF=afOrder
            afOrder ==  46 | 64 | 4 | 6
                    --  default: 46

RES_RR parameter    ==  RES_RR=HostList
                    --  default: RES_RR="*"

RES_VRFY parameter  ==  RES_VRFY=""
                    --  default: none

RES_DEBUG parameter ==  RES_DEBUG=number
                    --  default: none

       ProtoList  ==  [!]protoSpec[,ProtoList]
       protoSpec  ==  protocolName[/[portNumList][/methodList]]
    A ProtoList is a list of protocol names. Reserved name "*" means all of protocols. If "!" or "-" is prefixed, the protocol is excluded from the protocol list.

        HostList  ==  [!][-iType]hostSpec[,HostList]
           iType  ==  {h|a|c|*}/[iType]
        hostSpec  ==  [{userList}@]hostSpec[/netMask]
        userList  ==  userNamePattern[,userNamePattern]*
        hostSpec  ==  hostNamePattern | hostAddrPattern
 userNamePattern  ==  [*]uname[*]
 hostNamePattern  ==  [*]hname[*]
 hostAddrPattern  ==  IPaddressPattern | IPrange
         netMask  ==  IPaddress | maskLength


 Parameter Substitution
 CFI and CFI script


 Proxying by URL Redirection


 Protocol Specific Issue and Examples

Common Notation

    # delegated ...
    implies invoking DeleGate by super-user to use a privileged port number
    % delegated ...
    implies invoking DeleGate by non super-user
    firewall% delegated ...
    implies running DeleGate on a host belongs to your site and reachable to/from internet
    internal% delegated ...
    implies running DeleGate on a internal host in your site which is isolated from internet
    external% ...
    implies doing something on a host external to your site





 DGAuth server

DGAuth server

 PAM server

PAM server

 FTPxHTTP server

FTPxHTTP server

 YYsh server

YYsh server

 YYMUX server

YYMUX server

 multiplexed SOCKS/MASTER/PROXY over SockMux
SOCKMUX parameter*  ==  SOCKMUX=host:port:option[,option]*
            option  ==  acc | con | ssl
                    --  default: none
                    --  status: tentative

 SockMux configuration
SOXCONF parameter*  ==  SOXCONF=confSpec[,confSpec]*
                    --  default: none

 SockMux protocol

 SockMux server

SockMux server

 SockMux over HTTP
HTMUX parameter     ==  HTMUX=sv[:[hostList][:portList]]
                     |  HTMUX=cl:host:port
                     |  HTMUX=px:host:port
                    --  restriction: requires CAPSKEY
                    --  default: none

 Encrypted Capability List
CAPSKEY parameter*  ==  CAPSKEY=opaque
                    --  default: none

 Socks server

Socks server

 SOCKSTAP parameter
SOCKSTAP parameter*  ==  SOCKSTAP=ProtoList[:[dstHostList][:[srcHostList][:params]]]
                     --  default: none

 HTTP proxy/server

HTTP proxy/server

 HTTP Transfer Log Format

HTTP Transfer Log Format

 HTTPCONF parameter
HTTPCONF parameter  ==  HTTPCONF=what:conf

FILETYPE parameter  ==  FILETYPE=suffix:gopherType:altText:iconName:contentType
                    --  default: FILETYPE=".txt:0:TXT:text:text/plain"

CGIENV parameter    ==  CGIENV=name[,name]*
                    --  default: CGIENV="*"

 MountOptions for HTTP-DeleGate
MountOptions for HTTP-DeleGate

 AUTH parameter for HTTP-DeleGate

AUTH parameters for HTTP-DeleGate

 Configuration of DeleGate by Users

Configuration of DeleGate by Users

 Server Side Include in SHTML files

Server Side Include in SHTML files

 ICP proxy/server

ICP proxy/server

ICPCONF parameter*  ==  ICPCONF={icpMaxima|icpConf}
         icpMaxima  ==  para:N|hitage:N|hitobjage:N|hitobjsize:N|timeout:N
           icpConf  ==  icpOptions:ProtoList:dstHostList:srcHostList
                    --  default: ICPCONF=para:2,hitage:1d,...

 FTP server

FTP proxy/server

FTPCONF parameter*  ==  FTPCONF=ftpControl[:{sv|cl}]
           ftpControl  ==  nopasv | noport | noxdc | rawxdc
                    --  default: none

 FTP Transfer Log Format

FTP Transfer Log Format

 Telnet proxy/server

Telnet proxy/server

 Telnet gateway to SSH server

SSH/Telnet gateway

 POP proxy

POP proxy

 IMAP proxy

IMAP proxy

 SMTP proxy/server

SMTP proxy/server

SMTPCONF parameter* ==  SMTPCONF=what:conf
                    --  default: SMTPCONF=bgdatasize:64K

SMTPGATE parameter  ==  SMTPGATE=dirPath
                    --  default: SMTPGATE='${ETCDIR}/smtpgate'

 NNTP proxy/server

NNTP proxy/server

 MountOptions for NNTP
MountOptions for NNTP

NNTPCONF parameter* ==  NNTPCONF=what:conf
                    --  default: NNTPCONF=upact:600/300/120

LDAP proxy

Whois proxy

X proxy

Gopher proxy

SSL proxy

DNS (Domain Name System) proxy/server

DNSCONF parameter*  ==  DNSCONF=what:value

CU-SeeMe proxy








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